Member Recognition

Las Senoras Board members were recognized at the DCWM annual Volunteer Appreciation and Cowgirl Up! Thank You Breakfast on April 4, 2018.

Dee Bybee, Outstanding Service - Front Line

Deb Knapp, Volunteer Rookie of the  Year

Jackie Oliver, Loyalty Award

Margaret Nyberg, The Don Tomlinson Award

Dan Finley, DCWM Director


Gladys Roldan-de-Moras, “At the Charreada”, DCWM Collection

Pat Stewart, Volunteer of the Year

Dan Finley, DCWM Director

Proving that Women Count

From the 15 women who initially gathered as charter directors, Las Señoras is today an awe-inspiring organization of more than 100 members. Its mission? As in the early days, it is to come to the aid of the Desert Caballeros Western Museum. Each year, Las Señoras presents the Museum with the fruits of its labors—a generous check to be used for everything from paint to payroll. 

Bucking Up in the Early Years

As it turns out, it all began with a rescue. In 1974, a devastating fire destroyed the original Desert Caballeros Western Museum and all appeared to be lost. That’s when founder H.K. “Mac” MacLennan came up with the idea of asking Wickenburg women to help raise funds and provide volunteers. It didn’t take long for the fledgling women’s group to buck up. Between fiestas and fundraisers, the Museum practically rose from the ashes overnight, eventually becoming one of the most respected in the Southwest.